Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In the garden

The weeds think it is Spring. I am anxious to see things growing and blooming again but not the weeds. After pulling weeds for a while I noticed that the daffodils and tulips are starting to poke through. A good sign but it doesn't mean it is time to start planting tomatoes.

The birds are busy gorging themselves at the feeder. The finches throw enough down on the ground to keep the quail happy. I manage to spill a little on the ground when filling the feeder as well. The humming birds are around, too. They try the butterfly bush but soon find the blossoms dry and empty and go back to the feeder.

Next week I will start the tomatoe seeds in the house and the weather should be warm enough to set them out by mid March.

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Diane C. said...

I patrol our front yard daily for weeds to pull to keep the HOA happy. But in the backyard, I can let the wild things grow taller. Your quail look well-fed!