Thursday, March 5, 2009

The elusive bittern

The bittern is a hard bird to spot. He hides in the reeds and is well camouflaged. We drove to the far side of our Sun City for our usual three mile walk. These ponds are a good place to see birds that do not frequent areas closer to our home. We had walked a little ways when I decided to go back to the car for a different lens. As Jules was waiting for my return he spotted some movement in the reeds nearby, a bittern. He was well hidden and the shot is not great but I'm happy for what I can get.

I also spotted a pied-billed grebe

and a common moorhen. The moorhen has a very colorful bill and a raucous call.
This moorhen is floating like a duck but in areas with lily pads they are often seen walking on the pads.

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Diane C. said...

These waterbirds are all new to me. I love the camouflaged bittern picture. I didn't know birds could walk on lily pads, interesting!