Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Evening in Lincoln Hills

I went out just before sunset to see if there were any good pictures. I couldn't find good places to frame a shot but it was the magic time, just the same. I flushed these geese, not a great pic, low light and not much time but I like it.

I heard a lot of interesting sounds. There were some ducks in the pond making a strange call I hadn't heard before. I snapped a few shots, not good enough to post but good enough to allow me to identify them when I got home. Wood ducks. I'll have to go back and keep trying until I get a good shot. They are beautiful birds but I haven't seen them there earlier in the day when the photography would be better. Maybe they just come out in the evening.
The owls were hooting but I didn't spot them and the frogs were croaking. The ring neck pheasant was calling his salute to the setting sun like a cock crowing at day break. There was no one there to hear but me.

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Diane C. said...

I love your flying geese photo! You sure do hear interesting sounds in the evening. In West Hills we would sometimes hear peacocks calling, maybe similar to your ring-necked pheasant.