Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Watery Lundy

I thought I would show you what lies beyond the place I turned back on my Lundy Canyon hike.

These are from last year.
We hike to these cascades and have lunch
The roar of the water is so loud that you can hardly hear each other speak.
If one is brave, it is possible to hike up a steep scree slope to Twenty Lakes Basin. I have done it in the past but the trail is now in such poor condition that I would only attempt it if I had a ride at the top so I wouldn't have to come down again. I find up is easier in such conditions.

We are off to Washington for a couple of weeks. I left a few posts for next week. Some might find Mendocino Botanical Gardens of interest next Tuesday.

For more watery sites and sights, check here.


Oz Girl said...

What gorgeous falls and such a special spot for a picnic. I love it. Have a wonderful time on your WA trip!

sunnymama said...

Looks a magnificent place! Hope you have a great time in Washington :)

Martha said...

Gorgeous! Have a great trip! :-)

Lori R. said...

Oh, if I lived in that area, I would think I reached heaven! It is absolutely beautiful...

Regina said...

What a beautiful place.

Barb said...

Hi Martha,
Lundy Canyon looks wild and scenic! Hope your leg is better. Have a great time in Wash. A bear tried to break into our garage around Midnight last night. Scary! Lottsa damage in just a few minutes.