Thursday, August 13, 2009


Some of the bloggers, especially Yogi, seem to get so much enjoyment out of the sport that Hubby and I thought we would try our hand. I checked out the Geocaching site and got the co-ordinates of several near the cabin. It was fun and not as hard as I had expected. Of course, I had been careful to choose ones marked easy. We found two and I think we will do some more. It's a great endeavour to do with a companion.

The site is free but you must register to view the particulars of a cache. If you want to try, give some thought to your "handle" first. I hadn't and just used my generic screen name, not as much fun.


Katney said...

It likely helps that you are married to an expert on the GPS--LOL.

Diane AZ said...

That looks like fun. Victoria and Geoff used to go geocaching when they lived in Tucson.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Welcome to what I call my passion and my wife calls my obsession. I have found it lots of fun and hope that you do also.
You also now use multi milllion dollar satellite technology to find plastic boxes.