Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Marathon--My World

Marathons aren't really my world but since they are my sons' they have become part of my world by default. Our sons, Eric and Mark, both decided to participate in the California International Marathon this year. The course starts near Folsom reservoir and ends at the Capital Mall in Sacramento.
It was a cold day. Michael and his Mom were bundled up waiting for the guys to finish. It was much to far for Michael to walk so we brought his chair.

I had dropped Eric near the start at 6:15 am. Mark lives on the other side of the course and had arranged to take a shuttle that almost didn't show up in time.
After dropping Eric off I went back home to get breakfast. By the time we all got ready, drove to Sacramento, parked and walked several blocks to the course the guys had been running for over four hours.

I walked down to the finish to see where it was.
Then I walked back to where Hubby, Michael and Mimi were, a spot we though would be perfect to catch shots of Eric and Mark as they headed around the bend into the home stretch. As it turned out, Mark was already across the finish line and Eric came in while I was walking from the end to our perfect vantage. The others had missed him too.
They didn't freeze, they said for the most part they were not cold (temps in the 30's most of the time). Both had personal bests although Mark was dissapointed that he missed 4 hours by just a few seconds.
Both were tired and stiff but pleased with their accomplishment. It was a long and busy day for all of us.


Diane AZ said...

Eric and Mark did great! It sure takes dedication to do all the training and run in the cold like that. Next Sunday Kevin will run a half-marathon and Gary will do part of a relay.

Sylvia K said...

That is so terrific, Martha! Eric and Mark did great indeed! How fun for all of you and much to be proud of! Thanks for sharing a wonderful part of your world with us today!

Enjoy your week!


Gaelyn said...

Eric and Mark did great. I'm with you, and would be a spectator.

Stine in Ontario said...

Interesting how our kids' interests become part of our world too.

You should be very proud of your boys! That's a wonderful accomplishment.

Indrani said...

So well done by the boys.

eileeninmd said...

You should be very proud of your boys. great post.

ρομπερτ said...

It is a dream to run a marathon before getting fifty years of age, we shall see.
Please have you all a nice Tuesday.

storyteller said...

Congratulations to the marathoners ... and to their supporters too ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
My World

Ebie said...

Congratulations to Eric and Mark! What an accomplishment! I remember your post about the LA Marathon! I know how proud you are of your boys!

Hugs to Michael!

Lawstude said...

it was busy but fun for all of you. thanks for sharing. i enjoyed looking at the event thru your pics.

Carolyn Ford said...

Wonderful post and congratulations to your boys for a job well done! Your photos tell a wonderful story! Be proud...Mom!

Arija said...

You are such a great mom and grandma Martha.
Hats off to you girl!

Barb said...

GREAT achievement for Eric and Mark! I've been away from the computer for a few days, but was wondering if you'd post the Marathon. The temps were actually perfect - I can picture their course. Congratulations to them! One of my sons did the Denver Marathon last year. He's a runner (mostly 10K's) but says no more long distance! Looks like Michael was bundled against the cold.