Monday, June 22, 2009

Bird Box update

I thought I'd give an update on the bird box. The bluebirds left. Two young successfully fledged an a third one died. I cleaned out the box an there was soon a couple of swallows checking it out.

The swallows are not as tolerant of my working nearby as were the bluebirds. Sometimes they will fly at me or sit on the fence glaring at me.
But I have a project. I am removing the water hungry lawn to replace it with a flagstone patio and some more raised beds for vegetable and more borders for flowers.
Fortunately, the lawn is not too big. I'm working at it slowly, 3 or 4 strips of sod a day.
We're at the cabin for a week, we left on Friday, the swallows are glad, I'm sure. I have half of it done and I'll finish when I return.

Where's my Hubby? Well, he knows I enjoy hard work and is willing to let me do it. After all, I'm the one who came up with the idea.

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Linda Reeder said...

I've done plenty of sod stripping before, but those days are over. No more bending over and pulling for me. Be careful.

Katney said...

I hope I can match your energy.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That lawn looks kind of big to me. Stripping sod is very hard work.

Lily Hydrangea said...

that sure is an ambitious project! I wonder if the swallows will get used to you?

Diane C. said...

Wow, you have a lot of energy! That swallow looks curious. We've been making our lawn smaller and veggie garden bigger a little each year. It only takes three minutes to mow the lawn now.

Ginnymo said...

You sure do work hard Martha. Be careful out there... That is heavy stuff to be lifting. You have a beautiful yard!! I finally saw one young Cardinal this year. Just one though. Take care and be careful.

Barb said...

HI Martha,
Catching up with you after a having my best friend here from AZ for 5 days. It looks as though you've been working really hard! Watch out for your back.

Ebie said...

Hi, Martha, I hope you will give me some tips, when we go back in the Fall. I so love the areas in the 395. I agree with Barb, watch your back.