Monday, March 22, 2010

Hiking to Panoramic Overlook

This is a short hike in Anaza-Borrego, short but a bit steep.Panoramic-Overlook-Trail Partway up there is a viewpoint for those that don’t want to go all the way.

Mohavea-confertiflora2-Ghos I saw this beauty along the trail and didn’t see it anywhere else.  It took me some time to identify it, Ghost Flower, Mohavea confertiflora.

Panoramic Overlook The view at the top was even better.


Diane AZ said...

You found some nice views and the ghost flower is very neat!

Lindy MacDuff said...

I would love that hike! Beautiful views and lovely ghost flower.

Ebie said...

I am seeing a lot of different things in the desert world. The ghost flower is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How nice to see that wide a land.

Please have you all a nice Tuesday.

Barb said...

The ghost flower is so fragile-looking. The landscape looks vast, Martha.