Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pinnacles part II

On our first full day at Pinnacles we decided to hike from the campground and go for five miles total. The trail was level most or the way. We wanted to save ourselves for the high peaks trail on our last day.

Soon after leaving the campground I spotted these little gems.

On a side trail we found theses relatives of the tomato.

Back on the main trail there were several nice patches of Goldfields. Later in the trip we found much more impressive examples.

Everybody loves the California poppy.

Ceanothus is often called wild lilac. Other varieties of ceanothus have a more lilac color. We did see a few of these that were a pale lilac but most were white. They had a faint lilac scent.

We turned up into Bear Gulch for some riparian flowers, here it was shady and cool under the sycamore. The buckeye were just leafing out so we didn't see their spectacular flowers.

This lovely little flower was growing on the slope above the stream.

I had to scramble up the slope to get these guys, they were above the creek out in the open.

Here is where we turned back. According to Hubby's GPS it was just a little over five miles. Added to the two miles exploring around the campground and visitor's center, it was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have so many wonderful flowers out for the spring already Martha. We are just beginning our bloom here in western Washington state near the border of Canada. Thank you for your wonderful comments that you left at my blog site. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.


Diane C. said...

The pictures of wild lilacs, milkmaids and poppies are so pretty! Glad you climbed up to get the delphiniums too. That shady area under the sycamores sure looks inviting. Pinnacles is a beautiful place.