Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pinnacles part III

The next morning we decided to go for a drive along state route 25. It is idyllic country side with rolling green hills, oaks and wild flowers.

What would a rural setting be without a windmill.
In the afternoon we walked along the old Pinnacles trail. This trail goes thorough a canyon with a creek flowing through. A nice riparian habitat.

The flowers were the ones you would expect in this kind of environment.

They say the fiesta flower got its common name because women would use it decorate their party dresses.
I spotted this hanging garden on the way back. We didn't go as far as we had intended. Since it was labeled as an easy hike with little elevation gain we didn't ware boots. We hadn't thought about the fact that a trail along a stream is bound to have many stream crossings.


NicoleB said...

I didn't know that there are buttercups that look different to the ones I'm used to :D
Love those windmills!
And the pic of the lonely tree is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love all those California flowers Martha. It's nice seeing all the beautiful little details and hidden gems in life.

ROSIDAH said...

Stunning beauty! I wish I could walk along with you :). Have a great week, Martha.

kRiZ cPEc said...

lovely flowers shots, thanks for sharing

Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful photos of some really pretty flowers

Diane C. said...

Marvelous pictures! My favorite is the California Saxifrage flower.

Ginnymo said...

I love your rural shots Martha!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that nice comment too! Yes, I patiently wait in the dark sometimes to catch the critters..Ha!

Anonymous said...

Great close-ups! And I really love the first landscape shot. Nice post!