Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wrong lens

Do you ever find yourself with the wrong lens? After several days of stormy weather, Hubby & I decided we needed to go to the gym for a good workout. Since the storm seemed to be about to break up, I put my camera in the car with its 18-55mm lens .

It was the perfect choice to capture the reflection in this pond near the gym.

Then I spotted this green heron by the pond. For this shot I needed my 70-300mm is lens. I didn't have it and even if I had it with me the heron was in no mood to wait for me to change lenses.

When I got home I went out to the patio and saw this garter snake. The 18-55 was OK for this shot.

Later Hubby spotted this female turkey in the open space just beyond the yard. The long lens would have been a much better choice but again, she wasn't going to wait for me to change lenses.


Diane C. said...

Since I only have a point and shoot camera, I don't have to worry about changing lenses. You sure do have interesting wildlife around your place and your pictures look great!

Katney said...

Just makes me glad of my 20 x zoom.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the fauna. Love this picture series.

Ginnymo said...

Nice photos!! I only have a digital with a 12x zoom and that seems to be enough for me. Sometimes I wish I could see further into the woods though... Happy Easter Martha!

Anonymous said...

I think they came out great anyway, despite the lenses. Love the last photo especially.

Mojo said...

Given the choice, I'd opt for the shorter one and just crop down to the subject if I had to. My 17-55mm is considerably superior to my other zoom lenses anyway, so it usually stays on the camera. But I know the dilemma... which is why despite the weight I usually have a backpack full of gear when I'm out shooting. Perhaps one day I'll be able to afford a second body and I won't have this problem.

Yeah, right.