Friday, May 15, 2009

Bluebird box

I put up this nest box two years ago and the bluebirds raised a brood successfully. The swallows came later and it was too hot, the nestlings died.
Last year it turned hot so early that even the blue birds were unable to raise their young.
When we came home yesterday to a weather forecast of triple digit temperatures I wanted to do something to give them a chance. I had already planted a small lemon tree to the west of the nest box but that wouldn't help this years young. I made a sunshade that was quick to install so as not to disturb the birds more than necessary.
While I waited to see if the parents would continue to feed their young, this phoebe came to call.
The parents didn't miss a beat. They continued to come to the box as if nothing had changed. Now the question is will it be enough? If these hatchlings die should I remove the box. Perhaps some of you more experienced birders will have a suggestion.


Lindy MacDuff said...

Good luck - I hope it does the trick. Wonder what they would think of a misting system? In all seriousness, perhaps these people could answer your question:

Ginnymo said...

Awww....I feel bad for them if it gets so hot. I didn't know they died from the heat like that. You did a good thing for them by giving them some shade. Hope it works. Loved your photos Martha.

Diane C. said...

Wow, you have beautiful birds visiting your yard. I don't know anything about blue birds or nest boxes. Maybe the new sunshade will do the trick. Keep us posted!

Barb said...

Well, Martha, you've gone out of your way to give the Bluebirds a chance. Tell us what happens. I'll be hoping for hatchlings.

Bj said...

Hi Martha! Now I see what the nest box covering is all about. I am sure my one busy box is too hot, as the parents are mostly out of the box in the afternoon, but hanging around near, calling and feeding. It does sit in the sun. Mine is on a tree, so I'm wondering what I can do? I'll bring hubby over to check these pictures ~ maybe he can figure out something. Thanks for this good idea!