Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A walk in Yosemite

Come with me and we'll go for a walk.
From our camp site it is a short stroll to the shuttle at Happy Isles. It will come up the road, we might have to wait 10 minutes, a lot shorter wait than for a bus in the city.
We'll get off at the stop for lower Yosemite Falls and walk along this little stream.
There is a bridge across Yosemite creek below the falls. Here you can get a good view but watch out for spray on your camera lens! You might get wet as well.
Now we'll walk down the path to Yosemite Lodge. Don't forget to turn around along the way for great views of upper and lower falls. We'll stop for lunch at the food court at the lodge.
After lunch we walk among the lodge buildings to find the path along the river. We find, too, a sign showing the water level in the flood of January, 1997. The flood destroyed some lodge buildings and two campground. They have never been rebuilt.
Next we walk along the edge of a meadow (you can see that in the "My World" post) and come to swinging bridge. What's that you say? It doesn't swing? Well there was once a swinging bridge here, I remember it, and the Park Service still calls it swinging bridge. Old habits die hard.
From the middle of the bridge you get yet another view of the falls and its faint reflection in the water.
Out at the road we walk west a little ways and come to the Four Mile Trail. It goes up to Glacier Point but we won't go that far today. Maybe a mile and a half for a little exercise and some great views. I love this section of the trail, The rock wall is covered with moss and ferns. A true rock garden.
We hike up a ways for my favorite view of Yosemite Falls. It's getting late though, we've walked at a liesurely pace, exploring and taking lots of pictures. It's time to turn around and catch the shuttle back to the campground.

Tomorrow you can come with me up the Mist Trail. We'll meet again at Happy Isles, that is where the John Muir trail starts.


Linda Reeder said...

Thanks for the walk. I couldn't get outside here today because of the steady rain.
I look forward to tomorrow's walk.

Ginnymo said...

Oh! I loved taking a walk with you Martha!! I can just imagine myself there. What beautiful scenery!! Thank you!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I very much enjoyed your photos of Yosemite's incredible beauty!

Vagabonde said...

We had to stay inside again because of bad storms and possible tornadoes, so it was so nice to take a walk with you in your beautiful surroundings– thanks.

mitt vattenhål said...

Thanks for taking me on that nice walk
Looking forward for another one:-)


Ishtar said...

What a beautiful trail to hiking!!

Diane C. said...

The Four Mile Trail sure does look inviting with the moss and fern covered rocky walls. And the "swing" bridge that doesn't swing is nice-looking too.

Anonymous said...

Yosemite holds marvelous memories for me. I've visited many times over the years and hiked just about everywhere imaginable. I enjoyed this lovely post immensely.
Hugs and blessings,