Saturday, May 2, 2009


We came home from Yosemite last night and what did we find beyond the garden fence? Shoats.
That's what hubby calls this mixed flock of sheep and goats. They are hired by the home owners association to reduce the fuel load in the meadow before the fire season.
I don't usually have a fence behind my garden, the herder puts up a temporary fence wisely assuming we would prefer to prune our plants ourselves.
This is lambing season and we enjoy watching the lambs and kids. It gets rather noisy when they're separated from their mothers and calling for them.
We also came home to rain so I guess we won't go camping this week. I had hoped for another trip to acclimate us to altitude before we open the cabin. The cabin is at 9600' and since we live near sea level it can be a shock to these old bodies when we first go up.
I hope you enjoyed the posts I left while I was away. I'm working on the Yosemite Photos and should have some posts ready next week.


Diane C. said...

What beautiful colors you have in your garden. Yes, the fence looks useful for keeping the "shoats" from munching your plantings. The animals are fascinating, I bet they're fun to watch!

Ginnymo said...

They are cute!! And what a nice garden you have there!! Bet those goats and sheep would love to get over that fence and enjoy it..Ha!

Barb said...

Hi Martha,
I was wondering what "shoats" were! What a great way to mow & weed! Cute, too.
We leave early AM (Sun) to start driving to CA - will stop in Elko, NV, overnight. On Mon will cross the Sierras from Reno to Sacramento. We hope to bike Tues, but see that rain is in the forecast. Oh, well - hope at least it's green!

Martha said...

Great shadow shots Martha! :-)

Martha said...

Ooops, that comment was supposed to be on your shadow shot entry, LOL! This is wonderful too! :-)