Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heading south

We are packing up the van and heading for southern California. They have promised us Santa Ana winds. That is one of several reasons we abandoned the southland for northern California. Our grandson and his parents remain in the land of wind so we will go there and watch him while his parents get away for the weekend. We enjoy the chance to spend time with Michael and I like to give his parents some respite from the near constant supervision this special needs child requires.

He is a sweet and gentle child. At age 9 he has the skills of a 14 month old, but I have learned that it is not that simple. He is not 14 months old and in some ways he is much more mature. He has 9 years of experience and he does learn. So do I, he has taught me a lot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In the garden

The weeds think it is Spring. I am anxious to see things growing and blooming again but not the weeds. After pulling weeds for a while I noticed that the daffodils and tulips are starting to poke through. A good sign but it doesn't mean it is time to start planting tomatoes.

The birds are busy gorging themselves at the feeder. The finches throw enough down on the ground to keep the quail happy. I manage to spill a little on the ground when filling the feeder as well. The humming birds are around, too. They try the butterfly bush but soon find the blossoms dry and empty and go back to the feeder.

Next week I will start the tomatoe seeds in the house and the weather should be warm enough to set them out by mid March.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting started

Well, here I go, trying to keep up with the modern world. I thought I would try my hand at blogging and see how it goes. I love to walk in our community, it is full of wildlife. Birds are the most common creatures that I see but occasionally a coyote will show itself. Frogs can ofter be heard but rarely sighted as we are forbidden by the home owners association from approaching the ponds.

Today on my walk I took my camera. I spotted a hawk, probably a red shouldered hawk but I am not sure. There was an egret hunting in the meadow, song birds making a racket in the oaks, humming birds and phoebes. I am not much of a birder but I am getting better at identifying the birds in our area.