Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We visited Yosemite as we often do and I attempted to get new images of this beloved place, a place I have photographed many times before.

So I tried to find a different vantage point from which to to get a shot of Yosemite Falls.
Since it was winter I looked for an image that spoke of the season.

A web with morning dew.

A grove of trees reflected in the flooded Ahawahnee meadow.  Rain and melting snow had turned the meadows into shallow ponds.  

There was one image I have wanted to get for a long time but it has eluded me, the conditions never being quite right.
That is the image of Horsetail Falls at sunset.  First, there must, of course, be water in the Fall. Second, the sky must be clear in the west at sundown.  Third, these two things must occur in the middle of February when the location of the setting sun illuminates El Capitan right where Horsetail Fall tumbles into the valley.
It all came together! 
 I didn't have the best vantage point and it is said that the color is better a week later but I'm satisfied and I rather like the composition that I got from that location.