Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Walking the Neighborhood

Jules and I try to walk each day and our most frequent walk takes us 5 miles through a combination of residential streets and open space.  I won't show you the streets, one looks much like the other but the open space makes the walk worth while.

A half mile from our house we enter this delightful oak woodland. Acorn woodpeckers and scrub jays add their raucous voices to that of the song birds.
 I love this view of the granite and oak against the sky.
I turn around and get a different view.
Four  miles from the start of our walk brings us to this pond.  Sitting on the thoughtfully placed bench we rest in this mostly quiet spot and enjoy watching the ducks and geese.  Usually the resident snowy egret will come near, sometimes I catch a glimpse of a belted kingfisher.  Usually there is a phoebe darting from a branch in search of insects or a hawk soaring above.  We sit a while in quiet contemplation then head for home.
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