Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Great American Eclipse Experience

Five years ago I learned that there would be a total eclipse visible in North America and I was determined to see it with my own eyes and with my family.  I chose Jackson Hole Wyoming for our venue, planning to then go to Grand Teton National Park.  Unfortunately, many others had the same idea and although I started looking more than a year in advance I could find no accommodations.  At last, Motel 6 opened their books for the period and I jumped at it.  Ten months later I called to make sure an accessible room was available for grandson Michael and his parents and was told that the reservation had been cancelled due to overbooking.  I had not been notified!
Fortunately I was able to secure accommodations at Springhill  Suites, much nicer and much more expensive.  The staff at Springhill was very accommodating and helpful.  All and all I felt we had actually been fortunate not to be stuck at Motel 6!

Eric Mimi and Mark did some exploring and decided that the park next to the visitor center would be a good viewing location.  It was a good choice, not too crowded and with a restroom nearby.  Perfect!

We picked our spot and waited for the show to begin.  We came prepared with eclipse glasses, viewers, camera filters and even special eclipse binoculars.
Some creature in the nearby wetlands (I think it is a muskrat) provided some diversion while we waited.

I found it difficult to get satisfactory images.  It was hard to get the camera to focus, these are the sharpest of the many I took.  It didn't help that I left the tripod back in the room.  I saw the diamond ring but didn't get a shot.
It was a wonderful experience to share with the family, I'm glad we were able to do it.
I am sharing this with SkyWatch, Friday.  Join us their to see more views of the sky.