Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watching the Clouds

I haven't found anything new and interesting to share of late so I collaborated with Hubby Jules and tried something different.  Having read an article about using DSLR with a timer to do time lapse I thought it might be an interesting project.  I set my camera to take an image every 3 seconds and aimed it at some clouds near sunset.  Then I gave the images to Jules who used one of his video editing programs to turn it into a video.

It was an interesting project, one we will probably repeat when we find an appropriate subject.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sign in an RV Park

I saw this last year on a pick-nick table while camping on the Klamath River.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moonrise at Mono Lake

Often the best moon images are on the evening before the full moon so we went down to Mono Inn for dinner on July 31.
We were not the only ones hoping for a spectacular shot but as we would find the following night, there were cloud in the east.  At last, the moon rose above the clouds.
Cameras came out.
And the setting sun turned the clouds pink and lavender below the silvery moon.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hiking to May Lake

It was hot the first week in August, even at 9,000'.  We wanted something different but we didn't want to do one of our lower elevation hikes where it would be even hotter.  We decided to go into Yosemite and try a hike off the Tioga Road.  Forget Mono Pass, every parking space was taken at the trail head.  We headed for May Lake.
Even here, two miles up a narrow one lane with turnouts we were lucky to find a place to park.  No surprise, I guess, this is Yosemite and it's tourist season.  The view from the trail was spectacular.  Cathedral peak on the left and Unicorn to the right of it.  The gray granite, scoured by glaciers has little vegetation.
May Lake lies in a cirque at an elevation of over 9300'.  The hike is not bad, about a mile and a half with less than 500' gain.
 My lens couldn't capture the view so I stitched five images into a panorama.  This is the view that would great you in the morning if you stayed at the May Lake High Sierra Camp.
There are five of these High Sierra Camps spaced 10 miles or less apart.  Guests get a heated tent, a cot, blanket and pillow (may have to share tent with strangers).  Breakfast and dinner are included.
Since this is wilderness, all of the supplies must be packed in and the trash packed out without mechanical devices.  High Sierra Camps are a way for people who don't feel able to carry a heavy backpack to experience the wilderness.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moonrise at Mono Lake

We went down to the Mono Lake Overlook to watch the full moon rise over the Lake.  Alas, there were clouds to the east.  We waited but the moon seemed to be a no-show.  Another photographer nearby packed up his equipment, ready to go.
But wait!  What is that rising up above Boundary Peak?
 As the moon rose out of the misty clouds the sky turned pink and lavender as it caught the last rays of the setting sun.
 The hues deepend.
It was worth drive down off our mountain after all.

I am feeling better, I hope I will be well enough to go back to the cabin next week although I know that 9,600' is not a good place for someone who is not well.  We'll see.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Amzing World

I've been ill, though I seem to be on the mend I'm still not up to being creative.  So, this week I offer you the work of others.  I'm sure many have seen  this amazing video

 posted to You Tube by Sanctuary Asia.  If you haven't, please take time to view it. The first part will gladden your heart, the second part will break it.

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